Do It Yourself Circumcision (Why Bing fails)

I have a blog. I write about many things. The above topic is not one of them. I promise and I do not intend to change that. However, I must report this because Erin demanded I do it. (Apparently having your foot in a cast impairs your vision of what makes good blog content.)

I get 81% of my search engine hits from Google.
I get 12% from Yahoo.
I get 3% from AltaVista
That’s 96% there from my top three search engine sources. gets me 1.3% gets me .9% gets me .04%
Total for all Microsoft Search Engines: 2.6% of my total.

Now if you’re on the internet searching for how to perform a circumcision on yourself and end up at my blog, how valuable is that search engine? I can assure you that by carefully following the instructions in my blog, nothing will happen to your penis. Because in my blog, there are no instructions involving your penis. Unless your penis happens to be a computer, or perhaps a hockey team. I have instructions on computer issues and a few on hockey teams too, though I’m not sure they have much relation to your penis (if you are a girl reading this, you don’t have a penis and if you do, you should be on Jerry Springer when he does a Chicks With Dicks segment.) Once I did make a post about Daniel Radcliffe’s penis. Yes, much was made of the Harry Potter star’s naked performance in Equus. I commented on the brouhaha, but I’ve not seen the play, nor do I intend to. I think everyone realizes I have no desire to see his penis. Or circumcise it. Maybe it’s been done already. You’d have to ask 😀

So back to the stats. As I write this, I have 228,000 hits. That’s 5,928 hits from all sites in the MS group assuming all blog hits come from search engines — which they don’t; only 78% of my traffic comes from search engines, and 21% from websites. The popularity of your search engine is based on the quality of your results. If you’re looking for certain topics (try Led Zeppelin Sucks) my blog should rank first in your engine and at Google it does. Number one, Baby. I made a comment (and I didn’t say they sucked but it was a catchy title) and now I’ve got tons of discussion and over 200 comments.I  should be at the top of your search engine if you’re looking for the Panthers Hockey Message Boards. There’s lots of places this blog should show up. But when you’re searching for Do It Yourself Circumcision this blog should not appear. (For the record in July 2006 I wrote three sentences on a kit that Razzie sent me but that doesn’t constitute a discussion.) The irony is, that by discussing it, I’m going to move up in the page rank. FML 🙂 Shout outs to Paul for talking to me about things, Erin for making me post this, and happy early Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

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