Itchy and Scratchy Show

GAH! I am itchy today. That word “Gah” is stolen from someone. I hate this ::scratch, itch, scratch::

My dental work is possibly finished. If nothing gets worse and the sore teeth get less sore, then that ordeal is over, leaving me $800 poorer, no thanks to the guy who hit me. Okay, about $165 of it has nothing to do with the accident, but while they were in there digging, might as well get it all done.

On the way to work from the dentist, I passed an Enterprise Rent-A-Car which made me happy. I went in, spoke to someone in charge and explained why I was displeased. The first car I got from Enterprise had some tiny issues: (A) The transmission was shot, (B) the key was broken — literally broken, (C) the key fob remote didn’t work, (D) the trunk didn’t open, (E) car smelled like 40 packs of cigarettes, (E) two of the four tires had nails {not screws}, and (F) it was filthy. They had no business renting it to me. I cleaned it up but didn’t fix the mechanical issues. I was unable to get the renting location to deal with it. I was going to call the corporate office, but this nice guy swapped it out (sadly I am in a much smaller car now) and called the renting location and said he was going to “shop it” and charge it back to them. So that was good. Sadly, I’m out a full tank of gas for the one I returned.

Work was boring as all hell today, but it’s probably my fault because I am distracted as hell in anticipation of a hopefully very awesome weekend.

There were some niggling little issues with my blog after the column swap which should all be fixed now. The ARCHIVE drop down should actually WORK now. The CSS elements that didn’t fit in the table now fit (thanks Jose) and the excess padding is gone (thanks Jose and Firebug). I also fixed some other issues and made the boxed text at the bottom more prominent — this from what Jose taught me with Firebug in a 1 hour over-the-phone class last night. I still suck at it, but I can now fix basic crap I think.

I really want to keep the moustache, but the voting is scarily close.

Also, a great article in Time Magazine this week. It’s an interesting take on Republicans and what they need to do to survive. “Numbers don’t lie. Unless Republicans overhaul their message, the losses will continue.” The author of this article — Mike Murphy — is a staunch Republican, and he ends with a brilliant quote, “Saving the GOP is not about diluting conservatism but about modernizing it to reflect the country it inhabits instead of an America that no longer exists.” His point, I believe, if he makes it into a party people will support, their decline will continue. Demographics are not on the Republicans’ side: the population is skewing away from their core supports. Younger people do not agree with the social points and, like all things that do not change with the times, the party as it exists, is in danger of dying out. (More on the Panther’s hockey message board — in the members only section )

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