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Offensiveness And Videos Galore

Sometimes it’s fun to be offensive, especially if it means getting under the skin of someone without them even knowing why. This example pleases me greatly. Sometimes a post begs a reply and this one was no exception. My reply was especially pithy with double meaning inside. I never imagined how quick the bait would […]

Captain Eo Returns

First, from Steve we have this video of someone busted stealing WiFi. You only need to watch the first half unless you want a lecture on unsecured networks. But this lady is a riot — not only is she busted, she’s proud of it. And admits she’s cheap. Gotta love her honest dishonesty. (I’ve been […]

Rick Rolling On The Subway Floor With A Chicken

We’ll start with technical stuff. I have patched the Firefox extension Timetracker 1.2.5 to work with Firefox 3.6 — there was no work done to the code. I fixed the version check line and added a 1 to the version so it read 1.2.51 but it appears to work fine. So, if you’re waiting to […]

Asset 1039

Last night I took home company asset 1039. I know it’s number 1039 because it’s got a sticker that says so. All of our hi-tech equipment has these stickers. I configured it, set it up, and went through the short learning curve. Asset 1039 is the new laptop computer. Yes, it’s a 15″ MacBook Pro […]

Today’s Excitement

Last night was pretty rough when it comes to sleep. I didn’t get to bed until nearly 3 and woke up not long after four, then dozed off again until 5, and then dozed off again until 6, and finally gave up at 630 or so and got out of bed and went to work. […]

Bing.com: Do It Yourself Circumcision (Why Bing fails)

I have a blog. I write about many things. The above topic is not one of them. I promise and I do not intend to change that. However, I must report this because Erin demanded I do it. (Apparently having your foot in a cast impairs your vision of what makes good blog content.) I […]

A Cat In Your Pants

Please vote on this LOLCatz. I don’t want to mention that this is my friend Paul. So there is no way I will mention this is my friend Paul. I am certain Paul wouldn’t want anyone to know that’s him sitting on the crapper with a cat in his pants. So I will not post […]

A long Diatribe and some updates

First, I must say, the Panthers are sucking so bad, it’s embarrassing. They are a train wreck. How bad is it? Legendary fan and media-whore VanMurph finally thew a fit over it and has jumped in with the rest of us who are saying what the fuck is wrong with this team? You know, many […]

Dictator for Life

A number of my friends have told me I should be President and that I’d be good at the job. I deeply appreciate the sentiment from those deluded fools’ friends. Actually, I accept their theory as plausible, but I must reject it because: Anyone who wants to president must, by definition, be an idiot You […]

RIP George Carlin. An Angry But Funny Man

I love hockey. George Carlin did not. His priceless rant on it was “Hockey is not a sport. Hockey is guys trying to beat the crap out of each other while playing with a puck. In that sense it is a higher form of boxing, but it will never be a sport because of the […]