Rick Rolling On The Subway Floor With A Chicken

We’ll start with technical stuff. I have patched the Firefox extension Timetracker 1.2.5 to work with Firefox 3.6 — there was no work done to the code. I fixed the version check line and added a 1 to the version so it read 1.2.51 but it appears to work fine. So, if you’re waiting to upgrade to 3.6 now you don’t have to. It’s available for download here. This, like the original, is public domain but all I ask you link to this blog post and not directly to the file, this way if I make changes and the file name changes your link won’t break. In an amusing note, after sitting dormant for a long, long time (years), after I made Googlebar work the original author suddenly came out of the woodwork and released a new version. I guess he didn’t like someone else messing with his abandoned work. I’m glad. This really isn’t my thing. I would encourage everyone to go get the real one and not the hacked one I made.

In more interesting news, a voice from the past contacted me looking to buy my Manatees practice jersey. Not decided on how that will pan out yet, but it was serendipitous because the next day I was looking for a file I had lost and thought I had backed up to a zip cartridge aeons ago. I found the file (yawn) and also found my original Miami Manatees WHA2 web page. I pulled it mid-season when Waronker, the arsemunch, showed his true colours because I had no desire to support someone who makes Michael Yormark look like a beloved saint. I’ve decided for posterity it should be reinstated, so that’s what I’ve done. I am sure there are errors and omissions, and I would encourage anyone who can add to this to e-mail me directly. The pages are here. They aren’t in the Google index yet, but I suppose they might be at some point. (There’s a photo with a much younger me, Karen, and Timmy which may have been the coolest surprise find.)

I also have a bunch of videos for your amusement:

  • First, we have “We Didn’t Start The Flame-War ” which is a 3 minute video set to the tune of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. If you’re an Internet Geek you will absolutely love this video. I’ve watched it four times because it’s so relevant. Sadly, I have experience in this sort of thing. No comment.
  • Second, we have Nick Pitera’s cover of Journey’s legendary Don’t Stop Believin’ which is remarkable for one thing and one thing only. He recorded it twice — singing both the male part and female part as done in the TV series Glee — and then ran them together. The result is remarkable. Seriously.
  • Lastly, I hate Rick-Rolling. Hate. Hate. Hate. Only when someone does it live, to a Evangelical Christian television station and the first guy doesn’t get what’s happening, then, well, it’s pretty funny. Kudos to the host who did get it for handling it gracefully.

That should cheer the lot of you up. At least if you have an odd sense of humour like me. And by odd, I mean a story like this amuses me. “New York City’s transit agency is investigating a video posted online that shows a man kissing and snuggling a live chicken aboard a subway.” That link is to the story and not the video which I do not want to see.

And lastly, Delta sucks. I am getting really tired of the run-around. After over 10 years, I removed my recommendation of them from my personal page on my website. While I was there, I also updated it because it hasn’t been touched in quite a long time. I am certain there are lots of typos.

Lastly, whenever you think my blog isn’t subversive, sublime, or funny enough, I direct you to this URL which is a really, really funny blog entry. And oddly, you may wish to read it right after viewing the Flame-War video mentioned above. Allow some time because the comments are almost as funny as the original post. I’m sure this won’t be appreciated by everyone because it’s definitely a bit skewed toward geek humour, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing.

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