Toe Jam

My cat, Scooter, is in an inexplicably good mood, which is probably good because I’m not.

My back hurts. I didn’t sleep well. I really need to get that new mattress. That Tempur-Pedic® is looking more and more attractive despite its ridiculous price. A couple of people have told me they swear by them. Comments welcome.

Oh, and I can’t stop scratching this one spot on my knee so it’s bloody.

On the plus side, it’s raining, and we need the rain. It’s raining, BTW, because I washed my car.

I got my credential and I’m an ordained minister. I think I should start the Church of Dogcow. It’s pretty easy to sign up and if anyone’s interested, drop me a line. Then you, too, can be a minister

— Reverend Eric
(Reverend CMOT of Moof as I should call myself)

PS: I think I shall return to disgusting subject lines because they amuse me.

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