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Captain Eo Returns

First, from Steve we have this video of someone busted stealing WiFi. You only need to watch the first half unless you want a lecture on unsecured networks. But this lady is a riot — not only is she busted, she’s proud of it. And admits she’s cheap. Gotta love her honest dishonesty. (I’ve been […]

London Day Six (Cold Rain)

Today we got up and exchange our room keys. We’re moving from paid nights to free nights for the balance of the trip. Everyone here’s in a tizzy over VAT changing back because of the computer ramifications. They’re going to make the entire hotel check out 1-1 and check back in at the new rate. […]

Corporate Identity Theft, Losing an SUV, Celebrity Deaths

First, RIP to ex-heartthrob Farrah Fawcett of Charlies Angels fame who died earlier today of cancer. Many of my friends and I were fond of looking at her iconic poster from the late 1970s / early 1980s. The poster is one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic one of its era. She’ll […]

Just A Little Thing

Michael Jackson’s comeback at the O2 has been extended to 50 shows (Nearly 20,000 a show or a 860,000 people) and completely sold out. It will be the biggest concert series ever and has set multiple world records. A brief article appears on the CBC here. Part of me almost wants to go just to […]

Some various Things

Wacko Jacko will now play a total of 50 shows at the O2 which have all sold out. All of them. Wow. I wonder if he’ll actually do them or cancel out like he does everything. Cousin Melanie has produced the most amazing book of family photos I’ve ever seen. Wow. I cannot wait to […]

Michael Jackson

I’ve decided to blog about Michael Jackson briefly. Why so? He’s auctioning off tons of his stuff. I realize nobody I know would actually want it, but still. Looking through the online auction catalog is utterly fascinating. You can order one for $100 or $500 with autograph. As if. I met Michael Jackson once when […]

Oi! Molest THIS!

So much to report of little to no merit. First, I wish to make you all aware of a particularly insipid piece of reality television called The Two Coreys which, last year, I watched one episode of before giving up forever. The show is, at best, a train wreck. It stars Corey Feldman and Corey […]