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It’s A Quarter Million!

It’s official. I’ve broken the quarter-million mark. 17 October 2004 was the start date. I passed the quarter million mark 2 Jan 2010. Congratulations to me. And thanks to all of you for putting up with this blog listening to what I have to say and sometimes even commenting on it. And now on with […]

Rats in the Attic

I have rats in my attic. That really, really, really, really, sucks. Why do I have rats in the attic? Because I went so long without an actual roof, that some rats decided to move in. The exterminator was here, and he’s set some traps which he hopes will work. However, my attic is so […]

The latest on my roof

Yes, there has been progress of a sort. I have the world’s slowest roofer, you know. I’m sure you’ve been reading the saga here with keen interest*. I’ve not been posting the ongoing details for fear of running off my remaining blog visitors. However, after many missed promises and delays, the base roof is done. […]

I have roofers!!!!!!!

Yes, indeed, today the roofers finally started. So, after six months of waiting I now have less of a roof than I did after the hurricane. I am certain this is a good thing. They are removing what’s left of the old roof (except the underlying particle board) and hauling it away. They are going […]

I have windows — Another Hurricane Wilma Update

I no longer have Glad(R) bags as windows! Yes, it’s true, my home’s windows are now back to being glass. My landscaping is mostly replanted and restored. The only exterior visible damage is the roof, a section of rain gutter, and the freshly planted landscaping. The roof is no longer in the backyard and has […]

Hurricane Wilma Damage Report

I’m back from the Far East, but what have I come back to? As you know, Hurricane Wilma pounded into Florida while I was away. We had toyed with the idea of coming home to prepare in advance of the storm, but Wilma kept changing speed and direction, and we weren’t even sure if we […]

Why I hate my car….

A few weeks ago, I took my car in for the 40,000 mile service. It also needed a brake job and to have the rotors turned. It wasn’t ready on the appointed day because “we have to take it for a test drive before we return the car to you.” That was the exact line. […]