Rats in the Attic

I have rats in my attic. That really, really, really, really, sucks. Why do I have rats in the attic? Because I went so long without an actual roof, that some rats decided to move in. The exterminator was here, and he’s set some traps which he hopes will work. However, my attic is so hot, he wouldn’t go in (130 degrees) — this is caused by the fact that (a) it’s really fucking hot here and (b) there are no tiles to protect and insulate my roof. He’ll come back at night if the traps he set at arm’s length from the attic door don’t work.

On the plus side he also flooded it with ant poison, and it’s seemed to have killed quite a few of those damned white-footed ants that have been invading my home for the past eight weeks. Not having a roof causes quite a few problems you don’t normally anticipate.

They’re working on the inside of my house. My garage has a ceiling again. You have no idea how exciting that is. And my stairwell has a wall and a ceiling. My office no longer has ugly brown stains on the roof, and the same for my kitchen walls. Neither do my bathrooms. My computer area and hallway are still, shall we say, incomplete.

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