Naked Teens On Parade

Amazingly, this is not a shameless ploy to get people to read my blog. With such a title you might actually imagine such a thing. This post is as sexually titillating as a visit to the nude beach with Nancy Reagan.

I saw this post in Rob’s blog, followed it to the article, and read it. At first was I was shocked (shocked, I tell you!) and then realized I just didn’t care. I’m glad I don’t live in this town because seeing a bunch of naked strangers really doesn’t do much for me.

Seriously, if you’re a reader of this blog, I’d love to know why a teenager would go around naked. Would you go around naked assuming it were legal where you lived? Would you do it if you were the only one, or is this something that one finds courage in groups? Most teens I’ve known over the years would rather die than parade around naked in public (or should that be pubic?)

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