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Conan O’Bacon’s Avatar Is Wearing an Umbrella Hat

Conan O’Brien tells NBC to pound sand. He didn’t, of course. He was far more polite and diplomatic but he emphatically stated he no longer wanted to be the host of The Tonight Show on NBC if it appeared at 12:05 AM. Good for him. I think everyone’s on his side except NBC and possibly […]

Today’s Post of Little Value

Adrian is coming over and we’re going to dinner. Yay. It’s good because I have no food in the house. I must remedy that. Tomorrow I am supposed to go on a business dinner to Renegade at the Hard Rock. Double Yay. I still wish there would be a T-Mobile iPhone but not yet, I […]

Umbrella Hat Society (UHS)

I am now officially a member of the Umbrella Hat Society. You can see my initiation photo here. I am member number two, and when we’re famous those low numbers are going to be legendary*. You can join easily. You just need a digital camera and an umbrella hat. I might even loan you my […]