Today’s Post of Little Value

Adrian is coming over and we’re going to dinner. Yay. It’s good because I have no food in the house. I must remedy that. Tomorrow I am supposed to go on a business dinner to Renegade at the Hard Rock. Double Yay.

I still wish there would be a T-Mobile iPhone but not yet, I suppose. I just took an interesting survey. It may be coming next year. I hope.

AOL has ditched the $4.99 plan and now only has the $9.99 and higher plans. I have switched to the free account. Yay again. I should give it up, but everyone has that e-mail and ditching it would be terribly inconvenient.

And another “fuck you” to the Department of Homeland Security which recently decided it can seize your laptop for any reason. I am not making this up. And worse, (same post), they are lobbying to have all air passengers wear a special bracelet that is basically a Taser-like unit so they can subdue you. I’m sure it sounds like a good idea to someone, but not to me. They’re so busy trying to “make us safe” they’ve done nothing but inconvenience us without actually making us safer. Be nice to the TSA people, though, it’s not their fault they’re employed by bumberclods.

And don’t forget the Umbrella Hat Society. Really.

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