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The Wienermobile Dogs My Steps

I am avoiding packing by wasting time on today’s blog post. At least I have a cool experience to relate. I saw, live and in person, the legendary Wienermobile. Words and photos do not do justice to the awesomeness that it represents. The Wienermobile has been an obscure icon until raised to legendary status by […]

Happy Thanksgiving…

Thanks to FSJ for this article: Microsoft, the largest bastion of evil outside of Yormark’s office, hosted a conference on Windows Mobile technology called Mobius 2009. There were 25 people in attendance. Picture one [Link] shows the presentation being done. On a Mac. Maybe it’s because of the 25 people they invited — see picture […]

News Analyses and Other Fun Stuff

First this article from the BBC news site. It’s about Google’s efforts to scan every book and make it available (in limited parts) on their search engine. Lots of people are pissed off. Google started doing it for works out of copyright and nobody really objected, and nobody should. That’s public domain. Then they decided […]

Ruminations On The Internet (and other updates)

Erin had sent me an email on the Internet being 40 years old. Her email got me thinking and I’m going to share this story that some of you may have heard before. My first real encounter with computers was in 6th grade. So that’s maybe 30 years ago? I was living in Berkeley and […]

Page Ranking in Alexa: Breaking The Top Million

Page Rank (the busiest site in the world by all counts is of course: Google) And there are about 11 billion pages, so getting in the top is harder and harder, though about 10 billion of those pages, are not for public use — internal pages for companies, educational institutions, and such. Or if you […]

It was 20 years ago today…. BeatleMania Now Review

Last night at the HardRock Paradise Live, Karen and I saw BeatleMania Now — formerly of Broadway fame. Anything Beatles has got to be good, right? RIGHT? We (Karen and I) showed up, and ate at Renegade after trying to decide if we wanted Tatu or not. The waitress saw us and booted our waiter […]

A Very Busy Day

First, and foremost, a fond farewell to Emmy Award winning actress Bea Arthur best known as Maude in the spin-off from All In The Family and also as Dorothy in the Golden Girls. She was one of my favourite actresses of all time. She was 86 and died of cancer. Many of her fans suspected […]

Fun With Spammers

I got fed up today with one particular spammer who just wouldn’t leave me alone (work). Three to four emails per day from a few domains. I got mean, aggressive, and nasty after a few reasonable attempts to stop it. I did research and found the perpetrator. I sent off this email: From: Eric A. […]

Today’s Post of Little Value

Adrian is coming over and we’re going to dinner. Yay. It’s good because I have no food in the house. I must remedy that. Tomorrow I am supposed to go on a business dinner to Renegade at the Hard Rock. Double Yay. I still wish there would be a T-Mobile iPhone but not yet, I […]

WikiLeaks Shuttered but NOT gone

A federal judge has shut down the entire site “WikiLeaks” over one single post of over 10,000 and their ISP has complied. This is wrong on several levels. In an effort to help them out, I have two alternate links via IP address and a mirror site that still allow access to the site. I […]