A Very Busy Day

First, and foremost, a fond farewell to Emmy Award winning actress Bea Arthur best known as Maude in the spin-off from All In The Family and also as Dorothy in the Golden Girls. She was one of my favourite actresses of all time. She was 86 and died of cancer. Many of her fans suspected something was up when she was unable to attend the funeral of Estelle Getty recently.

Today was a busy day. First up, I got my special photos for my top-secret project. I hope to be able to tell you what transpires before the end of the year. I’m very excited. Once I’ve done it, I will share all details and have a small celebratory dinner and invite my local friends who think it’s as awesome as I do. Something I’ve always wanted.

Came home and found out that AT&T has U-Verse fibre optic Internet in my neighbourhood starting this month. I’ve ordered it. My 6MBPS which tops out at around 3.8 will nearly triple. Upload speeds still hover around 1M PBS. ETA for installation is the first week in May.

Went to Erin’s and watched the Flyers v Penguins game. Stupid Crosby. Die. Die. Die. Afterwards we went to Hard Rock, met Karen, ate at Renegade which was excellent as always. Brisket for me, Bison Burger for Erin, and baby back Ribs for Karen. Oak Smoked, of course. Sides were shared. We went and gambled. Then ate Ben and Jerry’s before calling it a night.

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