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Monster The Book Review. People From Texas

I like my pharmacist. I went to pick up my refill last night at Walgreens. He wrote me a note with a little happy face on it. I smiled. When was the last time your pharmacist made you smile? Yay Vinay! Everyone has a friend who’s gone off the deep end over the wrong sports […]

Restoring Faith in Humanity

Before I get to the main post, just a little shout out to my pharmacist Vinay at Walgreens (I hope I spelled that right). He’s always been awesome. Everyone should have a pharmacist this good. About six months ago, I even wrote a nice letter to Walgreens corporate office to let them know. I always […]

Aetna Blows More than Monica Lewinsky

I fucking HATE insurance companies. Today, I think I shall rip Aetna a new asshole in my blog because they so richly deserve it. They probably have plenty ripped assholes already, so one more ought not bother them. Aetna is comprised of incompetent, idiotic assholes. I think they hope I die before they call back […]

More Bad Customer Service (Today: Walgreens)

So, last weekend I use the Internet to renew two Walgreens prescriptions. This should be easy. Normally I use the phone auto-dial system out of privacy concerns, but I decided to be daring. I really don’t care if you all know I take AcipHex. Yes, good ole’ acid-reflux. So much for privacy, eh? 🙂 Anyway, […]