Restoring Faith in Humanity

Before I get to the main post, just a little shout out to my pharmacist Vinay at Walgreens (I hope I spelled that right). He’s always been awesome. Everyone should have a pharmacist this good. About six months ago, I even wrote a nice letter to Walgreens corporate office to let them know. I always bitch about bad service I get (a rampant problem here in the USA), so thought it might be nice to let everyone know about good service.

Secondly, I am taking my mother on a surprise trip for her birthday. Her birthday is March 4th, but we’re going to do it a few days late. We’re leaving Thursday night. We’ll be in the selected location Friday and Saturday — with secret plans Saturday night — and returning home Sunday. I will be out of touch for those two days (Friday and Saturday) but will be home around dinnertime Sunday. As always, at the mercy of the airlines.

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