Anal Psoriasis

Did I mention that Firefox rocks? You NEED to make it your browser of choice. I am falling in love with it. That is today’s big news as far as I’m concerned. Oh, and the Sox won. I hate baseball but am glad they beat the curse. I am tired of the damned UF Zook/Spurrier drama.

I am irritated with AOL because they have a dictionary module so you can check spelling BUT it has only one dictionary (US English). I think that’s dumb, as not all their members prefer to communicate in English (the majority probably do) but how on EARTH is English the only language I can spell check in? I mean, if you’re going to have a dictionary feature, for God’s sake include US English, Proper (UK/Canada) English, French, and Spanish.

Ah well. There, I’ve bored you all to tears.

PS: I ate corned beef hash for dinner. And J. Carney is selling blogshares in my blog. Don’t ask. Please. I’m sure he’ll post a comment in reply to this one day.

— E

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