A sad day for America….

Ugh. Well Shrub won. It proves you can never underestimate the stupidity of Americans as a group. Or, as my history teacher Ronald P. Nieves used to say, “The Masses Are Asses” — and how right he was.

For the people who voted for four more years of insanity, I hope they remember that as their sons and daughters are needless killed in a pointless war over Iraq. I hope they remember that as the economy slips into the tanks again. I hope they remember that as their job is shipped overseas. I hope they remember that as their personal freedoms are slowly stripped away in the guise of “homeland security”

President Bush will continue his policies that make America and Americans targets wherever in the world we go. If you think it’s not true, put a shirt on it with a picture of Bush and walk through the streets of almost any European capital. See how well loved you are. Less than six months ago MacLean’s magazine polled Canadians — even they don’t have a favourable opinion of us. Lovely.

The world is not a safer place today. Osama BinFuckWit — the guy who really caused this state of affairs — is still at large. Saddam, though certainly a scumbag, is in jail — but at what cost? America has no right to be in Iraq nor does it have the right to be the self-appointed Police State of the world.

America is going to become a very conservative State. Individual rights are going to be crushed and come under the provenance of the far-right religious fringe. If you’re gay, Muslim, or in any other minority, you better hide. This administration doesn’t like you and doesn’t believe all men are created equal. Wait until there Supreme Court is padded with more conservatives and the balance shifts. Goodbye Roe v Wade (remember Bush’s comments in the debates if you think this isn’t out the door).

As George Orwell said in Animal Farm, “Some men are created more equal than others” and that’s who is in charge of this formerly fine country for four more years. We are supposed to elect a president who will do the best job for the entire country, and not a president who will do the best job for some of the country and sadly small-minded people did just that.

You, dear reader, are entering a very dark chapter of American history and even world history. If you didn’t vote for Bush at least you can be proud of that. If you aren’t an American, please don’t judge all of us harshly: we’re not all self-centered idiots who have no clue that these is a whole entire world out there.

May God Have Mercy On Our Soul

– E

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