Which Asshole?

As someone asked me today, “Which asshole are you voting for?” That pretty much sums the election up. Yeah, you all know I’m voting for Kerry because I remain convinced that Bush Jr will go down as one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had. However, I don’t really like Kerry so much either. This year marks a big change, in a number of positions I am voting Republican because the Democrats have put forth a number of really scummy candidates (especially Castor). And as much as I hate Shrub Jr, I really like Jeb so far — he’s done a good job mostly. Sure, he’s no Lawton Chiles but he’s decent and means well.

I am not voting today………. until after work 🙂 The line this morning was impossible and there was nowhere to even park. If you don’t vote today, don’t complain tomorrow.

— Eric, who really wishes his blog was as cool as Rob Barry’s. His Blog has a certain Je ne sais quoi about it.

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