A weekend in the life of?

All sorts of stuff to say. First, I went to Halloween Horror Night at Universal with my kid sister. It was interesting. She screams. A LOT. Everything scared her and I laughed my ass of watching her. Yet it was unusual because she loves to watch horror movies. The best part was the people at the studio could tell she was afraid, so they picked on her more because of it. Yeah, a few times I got scared. Mostly when they barked at me, I growled back.

I didn’t go to work today but I should have. I haven’t been so unmotivated about work in a long time, plus I didn’t feel all that well. Nothing like a drive back from Orlando with your maniacal kid sister at the wheel to kick the stuffing out of you. I’ll skip all the things that were irritating about it, because as a teenager, I probably had many of those same bad habits, but I never ever came within six feet of ramming an oil tanker. Now that was scary.

As for the new G5, well I’m having some trouble getting used to it. Some of it’s pretty cool. I can even learn to like some parts of OS-X but lots of it is designed around eye candy instead of functionality and I still find myself using classic a lot. But for browsing, I now have Firefox on my Mac. But Mac Firefox isn’t as good as Windoze Firefox and that pisses me off.

The election is tomorrow and all attempts by myself to participate in early voting have failed. I am so not looking forward to that.

— Eric

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