Pink Floyd to Reunite for One Show

(Original Posted 6-12-05)

This may not excite most of my readers, but it excites the hell out of me. These one-off reunions in the past (for various bands) have resulted in new albums sometimes. I have always wanted to see Pink Floyd in concert and never got the chance. The slight, remote chance they might consider possibly suspending their dislike of each-other long enough to tour is enough to make me smile. (Addendum Posted 6-17-05)

Sadly, my efforts to find a reasonably priced after-market ticket to this show has failed. I was going to fly over, see the show, and fly home. Well, so much for my last chance to see Pink Floyd live. They’re one of only two groups I wanted to see live but haven’t. The Beatles can’t reunite, and I never expected Pink Floyd to do so. Ah well, this idea was shot down.

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