Screw the terrorists….

First, and foremost, my thoughts are with those in London who are reeling from the terrorist attack today 7-7. It is truly a tragedy and I’m sorry any human being has to go through that sort of ordeal. The only solace is that it could have been much, much worse. Those that have perpetrated this heinous crime are not humans and do not deserve to live. Show no more mercy to them than you would a cockroach. They are barbarians, the lot.

I have a trip scheduled for me and some friends for my 40th birthday party later this month and I’m still going. I ain’t scared of some cowardly sack of shit that thinks this is going to beat anyone into submission, especially not me. If your fear gets the better of you, then the bastards have won.

I absolutely am going on this trip. I will not let some terrorist hiding under the cover of darkness change my mind. I will not cow to the will of some scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling sack of shit. They will not win and I will not let them win. I will ride the tube and the bus. I will be cautious, but I will not be afraid.

I feel London will be safe now. The terrorists’ plan so far seems to be to hit a major city, wait a year, and then find a new city to lay waste to: New York, Madrid, and now London: in other words, keep everyone unbalanced and in fear. It’s very impressive blowing up a bunch of innocent people to try and prove a point *. It only makes civilised people not have any sympathy for your cause.

— Eric

* sarcasm, duh.

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