Screw The Terrorists Redux

Oh boy, here we go again*. I am getting tired of exploding trains.

Another series of bombs went off in London this morning. This time there were no fatalities and only one injury, not apparently serious. One was a ‘bomb and run’ where the bomber tossed a rucksack inside a tube train as the doors closed and then took off running. Passersby tried to grab him but he escaped. Subsequently, two arrests have been made.

Again, it could have been much, much worse but in this case, no real harm done other than total chaos in terms of local transportation.

I have a trip scheduled for me and a few friends next week and I’m still going. I will admit that I am now a bit apprehensive, but if fear gets the better of you, then the bastards have won and I cannot and will not accept that under any condition.

“I absolutely am going on this trip. I will not let some terrorist hiding under the cover of darkness change my mind. I will not cow to the will of some scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling sack of shit. They will not win and I will not let them win. I will ride the tube and the bus. I will be cautious, but I will not be afraid. It’s very impressive blowing up a bunch of innocent people to try and prove a point. It only makes civilised people not have any sympathy for your cause.” (Quote from previous “Screw The Terrorists” post)

— Eric

*Apologies to Ronald Regan

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