Global Warming

Our “President” continues to insist global warming doesn’t exist. Yet this headline from today says otherwise.

Melting ice threatens sea-level rise, shrunken polar glaciers, temps at 130,000-year highs
Excerpt From Associated Press March 23, 2006

WASHINGTON – Already the Earth is shaking beneath melting ice as rising temperatures threaten to shrink polar glaciers and raise sea levels around the world.

By the end of this century, Arctic readings could rise to levels not seen in 130,000 years, when the oceans were several feet higher than now, according to new research appearing in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.

Even now, giant glaciers lubricated by melting water have begun causing earthquakes in Greenland as they lurch toward the ocean, other scientists report in the same journal.

So, this is okay? I just love our president. Not. I hope he visits Iraq more often. Maybe someone will fax his top-secret itinerary over there in advance. Yay.

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