Avenue “Q” The Review (5-9-06 Wynn Las Vegas)

I’ve wanted to see Avenue Q since I saw the poster hanging up in New York City some time ago. Until now I haven’t managed to see it, but I finally got the chance whilst attending the National Hardware Show. Seats were easy to get which explains why it’s closing in two weeks. I loved the play, but I agree it’s not a “Vegas” play and I’m not sure what they were thinking. This play is too clever and intelligent for Vegas. It is definitely a New York play.

How to describe this show? Dirty Sesame Street. That doesn’t quite do it, but I’ve pointed you in the right direction. You have actors walking around with their hands in a puppet. The puppet sings and talks and as the show goes on, you forget there is a human there in front of your face.

Q has heart. Q has soul. Q has wit. Q has humour. Q is unapologetically tasteless — if you have ever watched Mind of Mencia, you get the idea. There are a number of strong, show-stopping songs, of which two are stand-outs. Everbody’s a Little Bit Racist is not only funny, it’s commentary at the same time. And The Internet is For Porn is so funny you will not be able to breathe. There is also the show-stopping It Sucks to be Me I think the problem with “Q” is that the weakest song is the one that closes the show. I think that’s a real audience turn-off. You want to leave with a strong emotion and not a sense of “oh, that’s it?” But despite that it’s just a great piece of entertainment and/or satire.

In an odd twist of fate, the lady behind me was born in the same hospital I was. The guy sitting two seats to my left was a doctor from the hospital where I was born. None of us had ever met until we sat down in the theatre. That’s just scary.

I highly recommend this play. If you’ve got a sense of humour, you’ll love this play.

You can learn more about “Avenue Q” at their main website at: http://www.avenueq.com/

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