Peter and the Shadow Thieves (Review)

Peter and the Shadow Thieves has finally been released and now I’ve read it. If you read and liked the previous entry in this series Peter and the Star Catchers, you’ll also like this book as well. If you didn’t, you just might like this anyway.

As prequels to JM Barrie’s famous Peter Pan, they have some limitations. This one, though, is freed of the first novel’s need to end up at a certain place in time. At least that’s my take. I liked this one a bit better. The plot was more interesting, and it was less of a child’s book. Even Mr. Barrie himself has a cameo in this one, though if you’re not paying attention, you might not realize that’s what it is.

Like all children’s books this one is a bit predictable, but I don’t fault the authors because in general that’s how the genre plays out. The book’s a bit short on character development but it makes up for it in atmosphere and plot.

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