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The Wienermobile Dogs My Steps

I am avoiding packing by wasting time on today’s blog post. At least I have a cool experience to relate. I saw, live and in person, the legendary Wienermobile. Words and photos do not do justice to the awesomeness that it represents. The Wienermobile has been an obscure icon until raised to legendary status by […]

A long Diatribe and some updates

First, I must say, the Panthers are sucking so bad, it’s embarrassing. They are a train wreck. How bad is it? Legendary fan and media-whore VanMurph finally thew a fit over it and has jumped in with the rest of us who are saying what the fuck is wrong with this team? You know, many […]

Dave Barry

I flew to Las Vegas this past Monday for a pair of conventions (yawn) and also to see the new Cirque show Love (more later). I was standing in line to board, and I thought to myself “the back of this guy’s head looks awfully familiar.” He turned briefly to hand his boarding card to […]

Peter and the Shadow Thieves (Review)

Peter and the Shadow Thieves has finally been released and now I’ve read it. If you read and liked the previous entry in this series Peter and the Star Catchers, you’ll also like this book as well. If you didn’t, you just might like this anyway. As prequels to JM Barrie’s famous Peter Pan, they […]

Dave Barry on Permanent Hiatus

In my original blog post a year ago I mentioned Dave Barry was going on hiatus and said he’d announce more after a year. I predicted this hiatus would probably be permanent. Today he announced that it would, indeed, be permanent. The newswire story says it all. Or read the official interview and statement if […]

Happy New Year — Bye Bye Barry

Hello Loyal Reader[1]: First, and foremost, I’d like to wish everyone who reads this blog a very Happy New Year. I’m posting this a day late because I was too tired yesterday to deal with a blog entry. I am recovering from California’s horrible loss to Texas Tech. At least we did it in the […]

The Dave Retires

I am sad to report the leader of all Barryons, our icon, the Dave himself has announced he’s going on indefinite hiatus today. I’m crushed and sad. I’d like to rail on about how insensitive and selfish he’s being, but that would be insensitive and selfish. Instead, I wish him the very best of luck […]