Firefox Fan Ruins Microsoft’s Day

Any bad day for Microsoft is a good day for me. The worse the day they have, the better my day. I hate ’em — and not just ’cause Windoze sucks more than a high-priced hooker. My dislike for Microsoft started before Windows*, I believe.

So some fan of Firefox knew Internet Explorer 7 was coming. Yes, they did. Microsoft has been trumpeting IE7 for quite some time. It’s going to be out any day if not already. Yes, some intrepid fan has taken the domain name and the results are beautiful. Just click on over to see. Have a nice day, Bill Gates. Have a nice day. I bet he’s seething. The lawyers are sure to come, but will be powerless in this case. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

*In fact, it’s all about that product “QuickBasic” for the Macintosh (long since gone) in which they engaged in false advertising, admitted it, and then removed the product rather than fix it. I’m not sure I should take the credit for them withdrawing the product, and I won’t but I’m sure my complaint to the Washington state attorney general’s office back then might have had something to do with it. But the real reason I hate them, is they promised to refund my money and they never did.

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