My Space

Um, yeah, okay. I have a MySpace page . The direct URL is

I made this page because my friend Maury invited me to do it. I’ve made a little profile which is far less cluttered and offensive than most. So, I’ll probably leave my account there — though I doubt it’ll get much more use than my Orkut account.

I’ve sworn I’d never, ever, no matter what make a MySpace page because it’s full of whiny, bratty, moronic kids. To be clear, I’m not saying all kids are like that. But MySpace has more than its fair share of twits who don’t know the difference between IT’S and ITS (or YOU’RE and YOUR) — and, quite frankly, I look down on people who should know better but don’t. It’s a failure of our educational system where teachers are afraid to fail the students for shit like that, or worse they don’t know it’s wrong. But I digress.

I thought I’d hate MySpace with a passion. I don’t hate it, nor am I in love with it. What I do find kind of neat are all the musicians that are there. That’s the one thing that MySpace has that’s great. You can learn about bands, try their music, and (if inclined) interact with fellow fans.

Social networking just doesn’t do it for me I suppose.

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