A Briggs Redux

I have to report that Mr. Briggs himself wrote me a very contrite apology after he read my comments. It was a very honest and contrite apology of the best kind — no excuses.

He asked me to call, and I did so. I am now satisfied. It doesn’t mean I am happy with what happened, but he was apologetic and is taking steps to make sure nobody else is going to go through this hell. I really believe him when he says it was an honest mistake.

I don’t know where the communications in his office broke down, but I am confident he’s fixing them. He’s agreed to refund the expediting portion of my fees which is a nice token of his remorse. I will donate the refund to my favourite charity — that way there’s something positive out of all of this.

So after all that, I have to say I would, indeed, recommend A. Briggs. I will use them again for my next visa.

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