Kris Medina and IMDB

Many of you here know my friend Thomas. We’ve been friends since we were in Boy Scouts together — way back in the late 70s and early 80s. I actually knew his brother Kris for a few weeks before I ended up meeting Thomas. I’ve always been in touch with Kris — most of my friends know Kris and Thomas and many who hadn’t met them before met Kris at my 40th Birthday party in Las Vegas. What you may not know is Kris is a professional stuntman in Hollywood. I was surprised today to find he’s got his very own IMDB  page*

It’s not up-to-date. I know it’s missing his appearances on the TV show “Las Vegas” in season 3 as well as his turn in the PBS presentation of “Hopfrog” among others. He also got blown up in a movie but the name of that film escapes me. Anyway, I think it’s fantastically cool I actually know someone who’s got his own page on IMDB. So I’m basically bragging here 🙂

*Which I found because Evan asked me how to spell Kris’ name.

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