iPhone, iPod, Beatles, and Apple’s New Name

Welcome, Apple Inc. That’s the new name of Apple Computer, Inc. The word “computer” has gone missing as they foray further and further into consumer electronics. Today the announcement of the iPhone (surprising absolutely nobody) and the Apple TV unit were met with great reviews.

Shares of all rival phone makers plummeted an average of 6% today on the markets as Apple’s phone which is an iPod and phone rolled into one. It runs Mac OS, has Bluetooth, iPod, phone, and other features. It’s pricey as hell, but Apple’s never much cared about that.

And, get this, as reported previously in this blog, the Beatles are coming. Really. Soon. Now. Sure, that rumour has been going around forever. However, there was a big, not very subtle hint dropped at the unveiling. What was the first song played on the new iPhone? Lovely Rita, Meter Maid from the most widely acclaimed album of all time: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The iTunes Store has officially sold more music than Amazon.Com and appears to be an unstoppable juggernaut.

Lots of other announcements, but the iPhone is apparently the big one, though right now it only works with Cingular so I have no interest. I expect after a waiting period, we’ll see others come on board (probably one-year exclusive deal). Your Mac running OS-X 10.4.8 already has iPhone drivers in it. Really. Go look.

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