Knocked Up, Ocean’s Thirteen, Surf’s Up.

This post contains not one, not two, but THREE movie reviews. I am confident some of my reader base can handle three things at once. It’s nice to know my vote counts, too. If you get Entertainment Weekly magazine, they have the Critical Mass section where critics from around the country have their reviews posted and there is an “EW Reader’s Average” on which I am one of the panel members who gets to rate films.

First up is Knocked Up. The previews certainly looked funny. Parts of the movie were certainly funny. And I enjoyed myself right until the last bit when it took a nosedive of a particularly nefarious kind: it turned into a chick-flick. I have nothing against chick flicks, but I probably would not choose to see them with my guy friends. They are called chick-flicks, because you are supposed to see them with a lady and not a man. It was false advertising as far as I’m concerned. Plus, I was rather put out with the crowning moment in childbirth brought to life on the big screen THREE times. A red light on this one if you’re a guy.

Next up is Ocean’s Thirteen After, Ocean’s Twelve, anything would be good, even a proctology exam. I am pleased, then, to report that Ocean’s Thirteen was actually an enjoyable film. It’s certainly not up there with the original Ocean’s Eleven (Clooney or Sinatra) but at least I had a good time. Then again, I am biased towards any film set in Las Vegas. I also had the good luck to see the original Ocean’s Eleven last Sunday when my new verticals were being installed. Not what I expected but also enjoyable. I can safely say if you liked Ocean’s Eleven, you will also like Thirteen.

Last in line is Surf’s Up! which I swore I’d never see because I am tired of penguin movies. Happy Feet is better — no question about it. However, if you give this film a chance to stand on its own, it’s enjoyable and predictable at the same time. Decent soundtrack. Great humour in Chicken Joe and the graphics are nice but nowhere on the Happy Feet level. Another green light from me.

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