OJ Did It Again

Yeah, for the second time in my life, I am blogging about OJ Simpson. (First time here) The last time, I wrote about OJ was to discuss the theory that he was actually innocent. Yeah, I still believe it’s possible. From the glove that didn’t fit, to the matching DNA, to the time he killed driving around town: it all fits the theory that OJ was protecting his son who committed the murders.

But OJ, nut-job that he is won’t go away and die a peaceful quiet death. He has to drag us all along for the miserable ride. He’s in the news again, this time on breaking and entering. Yes, he broke into a hotel room at the Palace Station casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I mean what was this guy thinking. He’s just so bizarre I can’t stand it. He was also, a year or two ago, involved in case of road rage here in Miami where he lives in suburban Pinecrest or thereabouts.

Can someone possibly explain the weirdness that is OJ? I can’t.

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