Maybe God Hates Me

Been a rough year so far. So now, we can add to the pile. My main hard drive on my Mac suddenly stopped working. No idea why or anything. Disk Utility won’t verify it.
I think it’s probably a complete loss, but am not sure. I do have a partial backup — but it was backing up when it failed so I have to figure how to restore this. I’m dying to get Disk Warrior to repair it but it doesn’t look promising — it can ‘t seem to locate the directory data 🙁 I hope I can get Time Machine do a proper restore.

EDIT: I have restored stuff and it appears to be okay except all the fonts on my desktop are weird now. I have no idea why. No more default font.

It’s been such a long, rough, year starting with the accident and everything, I actually was thinking maybe God is sending me a message that I’ve been absent from a house of worship too long. Or maybe he’s warning me not to get near one. I can’t be sure. I am very displeased right now though, but I’ve learned never to get that “it can’t get worse” thought, because it can always be worse.

I finished the next book in my pile and will move on to a new one this weekend. This one was called Talk to the Snail by Stephen Clarke. I’ve reviewed his previous books and found them tres amusing and this one is no exception. This book isn’t a novel like the previous ones, but an actual discussion of the French from an “Anglo-Saxon” point of view. The subtitle is “ten commandments for understanding the French” and from what I do know, it seems spot on. I rather think many of you might like this work.

It may be a few days before I get to the next one. Gotta rebuild my hard drive first. I’m doing this from my alternate hard drive but all my applications and data are on the one that seized up. So recovering it is a priority.

Shout out to poor Evan who is having a hell of a time with WaMu/Chase. Apparently, they’ve shoved a telephone pole up his arse without the benefit of lube.

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