The Phantom Of The Opera Is Here (Again)

Andrew Lloyd Webber is cashing in on the Phantom of the Opera juggernaut and has penned a sequel. I was on the fence when I first got wind of it. But speaking of wind, there was quite a bit when I heard it’s set under Coney Island. No, really. I swear I am not making this up. I can assure you, I will not be first in line to see this new play. Or second. I will wait for someone I really trust to say it’s good before I even consider it. Some things should not have sequels. (The hotlinks are to the NY Times and CBS News respectively.)

I have a horrible stomach ache which I must blame on dinner, I suppose. Sadly, I can’t take anything for it due to various prescription interactions. I missed my doctor’s call so will have to try again tomorrow to find out what medicine I can safely take.

The next story, also humorous, is the fact that the Internet in China is being brought to its knees by men searching for porn*, but not just any porn. In fact, Chinese men searching for a very particular sexual distraction indeed: Chako Paul City. Legend has it that Chako Paul City is in Sweden, and it is populated mainly by lesbians. I don’t make this shit up, I just report it. The city doesn’t exist, but the problem of all the men in China overwhelming Chinese ISPs is true. I laughed. Sue me.

And a special heartwarming story as well. I won’t spoil it. Just go read it and look at the picture.

For you pet owners, here’s a special link (from my mother) that you will find useful. It’s a petition to sponsor a bill that will make your pet’s medical expenses deductible just as your child’s.

*Men searching for porn is not, by itself, a newsworthy story for obvious reasons.

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