Hack, Wheeze, Sniffle

As you may have possibly gathered from the subject line, I’m sick. It started last night after 8pm when I developed a dry, hacking cough. Because there was no good reason for it, and I felt otherwise fine, I assume it wasn’t a big deal and just an irritated throat. I took some Hydromet before bed and that was that. I slept like shit — because I was sick and for no other reason — because the hacking was joined by sniffling. I woke up, or more accurately got out of bed, and went to work not feeling particularly bad. However, over the course of the day it continued to get worse, the cough being the worse as it remains a dry hacking cough, and I’m sure it’s caused by the post-nasal drip associated with most colds. On the record, I’m blaming Jose for this. The fact that I’ve had no contact with him in months is just a minor detail. (The real answer is my Dad went to work sick and wouldn’t go home, and has infected quite a few people. I know it’ll get worse for the next few days and last a little over a week. Thanks, Dad.)

Today I met with House Representative Eddy Gonzalez at our office. I would like to thank Alex for facilitating this meeting. I explained our position in my own words, reminded him that Nucor seems to forget that they’ll be costing far more American jobs than they’ll be preserving. I presented him with letters from our company and several of our competitors. He’s promised to do what he can to get this the attention it deserves with his colleagues and promised both letters and phone calls within 24 hours. I hope it works. If this thing passes without change, we’ll reduce our workforce by at least 10% as soon as it goes into effect.

I am listening to the first CD in the Beatles Stereo Box Set which has finally arrived. I am enjoying it. I’ll only listen to one or two tonight as I’m going to get in bed and watch the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen. I’d read and listen to music after, but my eyes are too runny to read my new Terry Pratchett book. I’ve forgotten how short these early Beatles albums are. The sound on these is really awesome and you should definitely look into getting either the set, or at least scoring your favourite and comparing the results.

My awesome new hoodie from Zazzle has arrived. It’ll make its debut in two weeks. This week at skating — assuming I’m not too sick — I’ll be wearing my Panthers model since it’s skate on home ice day. It’s very cool and I’ve wanted one for some time but wasn’t able to get my hands on one until this came out.

Red Priest is coming to Miami. They have shows on the 16th and 17th. I am quite interested in going if I can find someone to go with. I saw them once in Brighton and they were awesome.

Oct 17 Miami, FL, USA RED PRIEST Nightmare in Venice St. Martha s Church, Miami Shores 7.30pm www.saintmartha.tix.com So if anyone’s interested, send me an e-mail. This is very rare for them to be in the USA. If you want to go on the 16th, by all means do so. You should experience their enjoyable show. Details for the 16th are: Oct 16 Miami, FL, USA, RED PRIEST Masterclass, University of Miami. I ate a leftover burger for dinner. I realize that wasn’t the best choice, but it saved me from cooking and that was an awesome choice. I had some cantaloupe thereafter. I want to continue to state that Delta remains a bunch of unreasonable and/or incompetent twits for continuing to argue with me over the 257 miles they rightly owe me. I just want to spread the irritation because I’m cranky today. Lastly, at Mom’s behest I called her property manager’s office and gave them a piece of my mind. When I’m sick, that’s not a whole lot. I hate getting involved in other people’s disputes. Now I’m doubly irritated over a problem that’s not mine. Anyway, she appears to be right, so I hope my intervention helps. It’s stories like this that give the whole lot the bad name they so richly deserve. As an officer of the HOA where I live, it’s appalling how these organizations turn into little police states that often are destructive instead of constructive. When I first got on, we had a good board that slowly deteriorated as people worried about their personal interests over those of the community. If you’re in Florida, here’s who you complain to — there’s a complaint button at the bottom of the page.

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