Another Day, Another Dollar Less

First up, mom had sent me this URL which I just now got around to checking. It’s going to take you awhile to type everything in and you better have the label because you need proper spellings and dosages. However, what’s cool about it is that it compares any known interactions, what other users report, and so on. There were nearly 1800 people who had similar drug combinations to mine and my results and symptoms (side effects) were right where they should be. It’s not a medical diagnosis but it will tell you if something out of the ordinary is happening. Worth a look.

In the exciting news department, I slept. I went to bed around 1am Friday night. Slept through to 625am. That would be bad news in the past, but that’s the most continuous sleep I’ve had in almost twelve weeks (3 months). Similar results Saturday. I hope this is a trend. Sadly, my neck continues to noticeably deteriorate. That’s a project for later next week.

Special thanks to Van Murph — blogger, pilot, legend, friend — for getting me the Panther hoodie that was on clearance for $14.99. This will be put in use when the weather cools off. Right now, it appears it may never happen. As you know, we’ve been breaking records here with mid-90s (F°) actual readings and triple digit heat index numbers. That isn’t unusual in July and August, but it is for October. It’s absolutely brutal.

Saturday was Opening Night for the Panthers, so our group of 12 was scheduled to meet at the Cheesecake Factory. It took them awhile to get our table together and, as it turned out, we were a party of ten since Joshua got a flat tire and couldn’t make it. We had an enjoyable meal, except for John who experienced all the symptoms of food poisoning. It couldn’t have been the entrée because Timmy had the same thing and he’s fine. That means it was his soup (Cream of Chicken) or his beer. Liz and I both tasted his soup (yummy) but I don’t think two teaspoons of it are enough. We went across the street and got really, really bad parking spots because we were running behind schedule. But I managed to find Murph and collect the aforementioned sweatshirt.

It appeared it was really crowded even though tickets were still available. It was not a sellout but it was pretty full — maybe 17000 or so there. We took our traditional lap, and everything is about the same, though apparently one advertiser (790 the ticket) had their concourse ad covered by a black curtain. Perhaps they didn’t pay their bill? Amusing and stupid. As I said before, the prices were jacked up despite Yormark’s promise to the contrary. While he never did get back to me, and I won’t forgive his lying-ass for it, I did notice a few of my ideas implemented.

They added some new lower bowl LED matrix boards behind the end-zone decks the Pole Cats Ice Dancers perform on. I really liked them. I’m sure they’ll end up having advertising, but they didn’t tonight. And better yet, the Ice Dancers were not dressed like hookers and were wearing team colours. While I am opposed to cheerleaders in hockey on principle, if they continue like this, I withdraw my objection. Of course, they came out on the ice and left a track of heel prints that remained even after the Zamboni. And WTF with our mascot (who we love) that still can’t skate. Ever since they replaced the person inside the suit, he’s not skated. He’s a hockey mascot, he should skate. It’s embarrassing. I’ve offered to teach him because it’s so irritating to me. It’s time for NaNoWriMo and I am considering it. November is always so hard for me schedule wise, but I have an idea for a new novel. I’m still pretty crushed about the last one — 30,000 words — vanishing in the HD crash as I mentioned in a previous blog. But this might provide the motivation I need. I’m considering it. Plan two is to re-write one of my other novels and make it better. I like re-writing too, because I can expand upon things. I just feel it’s time to do a new one. I’ve been toying with a murder mystery. I’ve still been monitoring my inbound traffic and there are still lots of hits for the other Eric Seiden — I get hits every single day looking for this guy. (The one who has the middle name Todd.) He’s not very popular apparently. Most of those searches come in with the SEC tag which makes no sense because I never talk about the SEC except maybe in a football context. I’m bored. Someone call and let’s go to dinner. I’m sure by the time anyone reads this, it’ll be too late.

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