Woe, Woe, Woe your boat…

Nobody but me will find the title amusing. I have long since learned that clever, pithy, witty, sarcastic, or humorous post titles are all ignored. Philistines, the lot.

So I will be seeing Jan as part of my annual holiday, but the bit with Carey isn’t working out again. It’s been a long time but no thanks to British Rail, we’re scuttled again.

I didn’t put it in yesterday’s post because I didn’t have anything to say about it, though I certainly remembered. My friend John has a nice post at his blog. Yesterday marked the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder/assassination.

You’re probably sick of hearing me bemoan the state of the Panthers. Time after time I bemoan their suckiness and tolerance for same. As much as I hate the Lightning, they did something great. They benched their lazy-ass players. The Panthers talk about accountability, but the Lighting did something about it. Hey, Panthers, talk is cheap.

I am a subway geek, and these two tours were brought to my attention. The first is 2-1/2 hours of bliss and the other is a full day of bliss. While insanely overpriced at as much as £34.50 per person for the first and £79.95 for the second, I’m willing to do it. I’ve contacted them for more details as to the amount of stair climbing required due to Karen’s injury.

As you know, I sometimes make fun of people’s misuse of certain things such as word choice (your vs you’re and it’s vs its) because it’s a peeve of mine that people manage to graduate from school without a working knowledge of their native tongue. So innit* wonderful that slang is creeping into the language? Not so much in my view, and BBC News takes the same view saying “Slang is sabotaging language, with some teenagers unable to speak in any other way, say critics …. Their language is becoming saturated by slang, leaving them ill-equipped to communicate in the wider world.” Spoken like a true cunning linguist!

I’m hoping to see a number of my friends this weekend in addition to getting my skates sharpened. They are duller than George W. Bush.

* That is used in an ironic sense, thank you, so don’t bother pointing it out.

That is for José

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