A Very Not Beatles Christmas

First, this oddity from Stevenson. These are the rantings of someone who said he went to a parallel universe where the Beatles hadn’t broken up and he ran into someone who told him all sorts of stories and whatnot. He came back with a tape of an album of unreleased Beatles songs. These songs, are indeed, posted on his website. It’s pretty clear this is the Beatles without any doubt. In fact, a real Beatles fan will recognize all these songs are edited solo works mixed in with some new music. It’s weird, for sure, but it’s not a tape from the past, future, or other dimension. So you know. But it’s still worth a look, a read (the story is priceless), and even a listen. Someone has way more time on their hands than most people will ever have in their lives.

I’d like to wish all of you a happy holiday season weather

  • whether it be
  • Christmas,
  • Hanukkah,
  • Kwanzaa,
  • Festivus,
  • Winter Solstice, or
  • any other holiday you celebrate this time of year.

I hope you and those who you hold dear — be it friends, family, pets, partners, neighbours, co-workers, or any other loved ones — have a safe, happy, and joyous holiday full of whatever makes it happy be that family, friends, or some combination thereof. 

I also wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

This animated GIF cycles in about 30 seconds. You are more than welcome to steal it. Only frame one of the 19 needs to be changed to suit your needs. Google Chrome will not display this image properly.

I had an enjoyable breakfast with Liz and John, though the guy from Iowa who was outside the restaurant ranting to his friends about how immigrants are ruining this country and how they ought to learn English had a hugely poor sense of irony. He was standing in front of a Cuban Restaurant. He was also double-parked in the middle of the street in an almost empty-parking lot. So much for the fine folks in Iowa. I hope he enjoyed his immigrant cooked food. Idiot.

We had our skates sharpened and that heightened our enjoyment of the session because if you aren’t slip-sliding away, it’s so much more enjoyable. I did some food shopping and whatnot, and ate dinner at the (almost) new Las Vegas Cuban Restaurant in Doral. Tasty, reasonably priced, and good service. I like Cuban food, thank you. I don’t mind immigrants, and as long as someone can communicate with me, I don’t much care what language they do it in. Do I prefer English? Sure. But I will gladly muddle through in Spanish or French, or even Spanglish (the official language of Dade County).

PS: A hello to my stalker who has returned with another IP address. What? You think I wouldn’t notice?

*EDIT: See, even I make idiotic typos.

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