Silly and Serious

We’ll start with silly. Dan Haun’s ongoing efforts to be the number one contributor to my blog continues with his submission of “Charting The Beatles” As you may recollect I had mentioned before the flowchart of Hey Jude, well this is way beyond that. Rather enjoyable (once I used a utility for the visually impaired to make the screen large enough to read the tiny-type).

I follow many RSS feeds and rarely mention them here, but this picture from Fail Blog resulted in a real spit-take so I had to share it. Well worth a quick click. I won’t even discuss the Late Night wars which are turning into something worse than Iraq but a whole lot funnier. Leno’s getting the worst of it. While I don’t watch him, someone told me even his own audience was sending boos his way. And he’s going to be helming the legendary Tonight Show? Yeah. Right. As if.

A link for you MacHeads: Welcome to Macintosh is a documentary in which filmmakers Josh Rizzo and Rob Baca trace the evolution of Apple computers from the Apple-1 to the iPhone in this documentary. They combine criticism and history with an unapologetic celebration of the company that helped revolutionize home computing. The film is 80 minutes so if you’re not patient or that interested, here is the trailer. Thanks to Erin for that URL — her blog is back up again if you are into sports.

So on to serious. When Obama started running, I fully supported him, thinking he was going to bring change. And considering the disaster we had anything would be an improvement, and indeed Obama’s an improvement. Then again, Hu Jintao, would be an improvement over what we had so that’s not saying much. I still like Obama. He means well and his heart’s in the right place even if I don’t agree with some of his policies (Health Insurance fiasco, for instance). What’s my problem, then? I’m not sure what he’s done. He made promises and most have not been kept, much like most other politicians so I’m not picking on him. And he’s not screwed things up worse. I didn’t expect a miracle fix to the economy — and only idiots think there should have been one. Other than failed bailouts and cash-for-clunkers (another failure) I am hard pressed to tell you anything he’s done with the exception of pulling our reputation as a country out of Satan’s arse where Bush shoved it. It’s a lot easier to be an American overseas now that Bush is gone. But as an American, I want our president to do something besides be a great speaker and look good on television and I don’t have that many answers for critics. Would I have voted for McCain in retrospect? Not as long as Palin was running with him. But had he picked someone who wasn’t so Cheney-like as his running mate, maybe so. I am discouraged for sure. I am told Biden is our vice-president, but he’s scarcer than a 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel (or Walter Mondale, if that means nothing to you.)

Obama needs to get off his arse, stop worrying about the current Health Care plan and take care of all the other things he promised. He’s only trying to run this through because it’s a huge thing. It won’t work as written, which I’ve said before. The bottom line is the people of this country don’t want what he’s proposed. The fact that the Kennedy seat was lost to a Republican in Massachusetts, the most liberal state in this country, proves Obama’s going down the wrong path.

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