Super Bowl or Super Usurious Price Gouging?

The biggest complaint I heard (repeatedly) from the visiting fans besides the glacial pace of concession stand speed was the pricing. With sandwiches and subs at $22, fries $6, soda $7, ice cream $9, water $6, beer $10, chicken fingers $10, nachos $8, pretzels $5, and so-on, the complaints are valid. A number of my friends didn’t believe my tales of the prices and happily one of my photos of the prices came out. (They’re now on digital LCD screens so they can change the price by event.)

To all of you Saints and Colts fans who swore vitriol at the Dolphins please note that these are not our usual prices. Our prices are the same overpriced rate you pay at your stadium. These “super” prices were set by the NFL and its concession partners and not the local team. You should complain to the NFL about your financial rape in these economic times. It was disgraceful. I was, as I said previously, one of the few there in a Dolphins get-up and I was the recipient of many such complaints. The fact that people went out of their way to approach me and ask what the hell was wrong with us, with our stadium, angered me, because it wasn’t our stadium, our team, and certainly not our fans. This was my only negative experience but as today has gone on, and others who’ve gone to the game have called me, e-mailed me, it has become apparent this was a real sticking point. (I got chicken fingers, fries, and a soda — total price $23. Yes, that’s $23 for a glorified Happy Meal.)

On a related note, I’ve posted a new batch of SuperBowl pictures on Flickr, my last, and the link is in the box at the left if you want to have at it.

In other news, while I haven’t registered I tried “Where’s George” again after a few years. Liz does this and I really should registered, though I am loathe to get sucked into something new. Where’s George is a website where you type serial numbers of the currency (US bills only) in your wallet, and it tells you where they’ve travelled assuming others have typed the serial numbers as well. My hit rate is 1 out of about 30 typed in, but it’s still fun in a weird sort of way. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

How’d you like to turn your work or school papers into toilet paper? Or maybe your Panther tickets or renewal notice. Via my friend Paul comes this C-Net article with a video of a machine that does that, automatically. He asks what the ROI is? I say priceless. Didn’t you always want to tell a colleague his paperwork was worth shit? Now you can.

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