Today’s Random Blathering…

Miami is famous for sick people. It stands to reason with our über high average age in the Sunshine State. It’s odd to see your home-town hospital in the news in a foreign paper, but indeed it happened. Danny Williams, the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, broke his silence on his decision to undergo heart surgery in the U.S., and the controversy it caused. Same hospital where I’ve had some operations and procedures. Nice to know it’s well regarded. It also shows a huge failing of socialized medicine. He could have had it there, but he’d rather pay and have it here. Socialized medicine is good for many things but it’s not a panacea.

My Mac now has 8GB of RAM. Damn. So much RAM so little need. It does make some things run more quickly, for sure. Like all RAM it didn’t work the first try, so I switched the order of the DIMMs and voilà, it worked.

Via Grant, there’s article on Wired about how Google’s PageRank has changed and is about to change again, striking fear into all those spam-bastard SEO companies.  A very, very long read. Take in the first page if you’re pressed for time. There’s about ten more pages if you’re geekily oriented. Most of you won’t be.

And here’s a post I really liked over at “God Hates Protesters” which I’ve plugged before. (Site gone – removed 12-4-22.)

I think this makes a great point. Too bad it’s lost on so many people. I hate the haters.

Tomorrow is my big meeting. I hope it goes well. And if it does, I hope I can post a lot of the details here for you all to read. If it doesn’t go well, you’ll definitely hear all about it.

Enjoyed my chat with Murphy. Looking forward to this weekend with friends and Mom. Ate too much crap for dinner and am feeling bloated. And now it’s time for Lost. It’s the final season. I’m excited and sad about that.

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