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Firefox and Politics

Virtually all Windows PCs ship with IE, giving it a 72% share of the browser market. Firefox, which is typically downloaded rather than factory installed, has a 17% market share, followed by Apple’s Safari at 5%. This is a nice improvement over the old days when IE was well into the 90%. Firefox is slowly […]

Firefox Rolls On

Just a quick entry to note that Firefox has crossed the 500 million download mark. That’s a half- billion downloads. Or to put it in numbers 500,000,000 downloads and counting. I hope Bill Gates sleeps well tonight. Thanks to Jose for helping me with php includes. Soon my site will perform better and be easier […]

Firefox Continues To Cause Grief at Microsoft

In an ongoing, amazing development, Firefox is clobbering Internet Explorer. It’s far from the end, but there are signs all is not well in the browser department in Redmond. Information Week’s 7 April 2008 issue has the market share report for Internet Explorer. Month % Share Jan 2007 88.7 March 2007 86.0 October 2007 80.1 […]

Firefox Fan Ruins Microsoft’s Day

Any bad day for Microsoft is a good day for me. The worse the day they have, the better my day. I hate ’em — and not just ’cause Windoze sucks more than a high-priced hooker. My dislike for Microsoft started before Windows*, I believe. So some fan of Firefox knew Internet Explorer 7 was […]

Firefox Rocks Again

(This bit from 4-29-05)Yeah, I’ve posted about Firefox before. However, today it reached an amazing milestone. 50 million Downloads. Yeah, can you believe that? For several years, IE has commanded in excess of 95% share of the web browser market despite the fact it sucks more than a nymphomaniac in heat (this applies across all […]

Computer Things That Vex Me

Firefox got rid of my favourite Mozilla feature. Mozilla had many flaws that Firefox does not, but it could give me a pop-up window when my favourite sites were updated. Many go months without a change. I miss that feature. Any way to make it happen on Firefox Mac? I use MacLink Plus to convert […]

Boogers, Blogs, and Browsers

Don’t you just hate when my subject line in unrelated to the contents of the post? Should I stop? I’ll take opinions on that. I’m back to Firefox. Happily, it now works with my bank’s site. They didn’t fix Firefox, so they must have fixed my bank’s site. That was why I went back to […]