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Reasons some friends suck

This is, in theory, a follow up to an old post: Lost Friends Someone asked me what exactly I meant. So let me explain it here. This is probably far too personal to post on-line, but what the fuck. I’m in a mood right now. Maybe I’ll delete this after a few days. We’ll see. […]

Online Friends versus Offline Friends (Real Friends?)

So, today I was thinking. I do that sometimes, you know? Most people call everyone they know online “friends” but are they really friends? I don’t think so. I have people I’ve met offline, I know them off-line, and I socialize with them off-line. These are my “friends”, and they are to some degree or […]

Lost Friends

Well, maybe a little serious post here. I’ve been thinking about friends that I’ve made and lost over the years. People naturally come in and out of your life. That’s just how things work. Sometimes we work harder on some friendships than others, sometimes we deliberately break some friendships, and sometimes death happens. Still, when […]