Lost Friends

Well, maybe a little serious post here. I’ve been thinking about friends that I’ve made and lost over the years. People naturally come in and out of your life. That’s just how things work. Sometimes we work harder on some friendships than others, sometimes we deliberately break some friendships, and sometimes death happens. Still, when you work at a friendship and it fades away, sometimes you experience regret and/or pain.

So, I decided to list some people here and talk about them. Maybe they’ll even read this, but I doubt it.

Eric Hedlund. Of all the people I can think of, this is probably the most frustrating. But when only one person does the work, it can’t last forever. I can honestly say I’m really, really, really glad he was part of my life, albeit for too short of a time. So many positive things could have happened, Some things, I suppose, were never meant to be. But it still hurts. So there.

Dorothy “Dee” Swansburg. In this case, sadly, death happened. She died too young (34) and too soon. 🙁

David Parisse. I even went to the trouble of finding him not that long ago, he wrote back even. I wrote him back and that was that. Not meant to be. Another decent guy. I hope he’s happy 🙂

Steve Bernacki. I just lost touch with him. It was sad. Ever think in the back of your mind, you’d have been really good friends with someone if it just was given a chance?

Rob Henning. Psycosis on AOL back in the day. I don’t know why I liked him, but I did. He was just one of those really cool guys. Someone told me he was dead, but I can’t imagine ’cause he was so young. He vanished without a trace.

There are lots more, too, but I just picked a random sampling. There are people I’m friends with whom I wish I were better friends with — that list could go on forever. There are also people who aren’t in my life anymore and I’m really glad. When things are looking up, it’s easy to be friends. I’m leaving all the names off this part lest the involved people get embarrassed and/or pissed.

When things are down you know who your real friends are. I am very fortunate to have people like that in my life. These people are honestly good friends. I wish I had more, and I wish I were even better friends with the ones I have because you can’t get too much of a good thing.

So there. A serious post. Happy?

(Some minor updating edits to this post made 1-11-06)

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