Reasons some friends suck

This is, in theory, a follow up to an old post: Lost Friends

Someone asked me what exactly I meant. So let me explain it here. This is probably far too personal to post on-line, but what the fuck. I’m in a mood right now. Maybe I’ll delete this after a few days. We’ll see.

One day, for whatever reason, you become friends with someone. I don’t mean acquaintance, nor do I mean a typical casual friend. I’m talking a full a deep friendship with someone you care about and assumedly cares about you back. Most of you probably know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, the rest of this post will be pointless to you.

As with all good friends you share all your most intimate details — both ways, of course: that’s what share means in this context. You do things together, you talk, you go places, all the things friends do with each other alone and in groups. And then, suddenly, you never hear from that person again without warning. There are no calls, no e-mails, no IMs, nothing. You call, mail cards via snail-mail, letters (e-mail and snail mail), send IMs, anything in an effort get a reply but nothing. Maybe you get a “I’ll call soon when I have time” or some platitude if you’re lucky, and, because you’re a sucker, you believe it.

But it’s a lie and it stabs you in the heart like a knife. It kills you inside slowly. Years later you still look at the person’s website just to get a little taste of his/her life that you are no longer a part of — and you don’t even know why or what happened or anything at all. There, now you can all laugh at some aspect of my life that is truly pathetic. Have fun.

In deference to this person I will leave his/her name off this post. Their name is not included in the original post either because even I am not that brave. Maybe I should be.)

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