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PS2 Most-Played Console in June according to Nielsen

Excerpt: NEW YORK (AP) – More than 68 million people played video games on a console last month, spending much of it on Sony Corp.’s older PlayStation 2, according to Nielsen research. Seven years after its launch, Sony’s PS2 was still the most-played console, accounting for 42 percent of video game use during the month. […]

Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii Redux

In a previous post, Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii I had asked for help locating a PS/3 and a Nintendo Wii. The offers of assistance were truly astounding. Amazingly, it all ended with the old standby, e-bay. Amazingly, I got a PS/3 60gb on eBay for just $55 over retail. Prices are falling on […]

Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii

I am writing this to see if anyone out there among my friends, colleagues, or random blog-readers may be able to assist me in locating two items at regular price. I don’t want to go to e-bay and bankrupt myself buying this stuff at auction — I’ve seen those prices, I’m not interested. I’d much […]