Well, I upgraded my Mac to OS 10.3.9 yesterday and it’s running fine. For me, that’s a miracle as every single upgrade I ever do ends in disaster. ::knock on wood::

So, after that I read on MacFixIt that Virtual PC doesn’t work under OS-X 10.3.9 and you have to revert to 10.3.8 but it is working for me. So is OS-9 emulation (aka Classic) which many users have trouble with. Many users are even reporting Java issues.

In fact, I’m running Firefox on Virtual-PC on my Mac while also running Classic. So I am running double-emulation or even triple-emulation if you will. I am running OS 10.3.9 which is running OS-9 which is running Windows-XP (which is running Java to make this post). The sad (or cool) part is it’s not appreciably slower than a real PC. Buahahahahaha….

In ongoing news, I still have lots of excess snot.

— E of P

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