(DISCLAIMER: This post has absolutely nothing to do with Masturbation)

So, I go to my friend Rob’s blog as I do every few days and I run across this post entitled masturbation-mania! Well, it’s got nothing to do with masturbation at all. However, he observes that by simply using it in a previous post, his traffic has doubled. He ponders what this says about the Internet.

I must say that one wonders if you used words such as sex, intercourse, anal, and oral in the same post if it would also have the same effect. It also begs the question what type of person it would bring. Or would you get deviants looking for paedophilia, bestiality, or worse?

I mean, take my Led Zeppelin Sucks topic. I don’t even say that they suck. I was merely expressing an opinion that they were overrated, but I literally got thousands of hits, and a number of comments. I’ve had to delete a lot of the comments due to rather profane remarks, but there are over fifty intelligent and opposing opinions which remain.

I am interested in finding out exactly what keywords drive people to a site? I could be like Rob and just put the word “Penis” or “Vagina” in every post and see what comes in
*. Or I could experiment with other words. The whole thing is mightily intriguing.

“Oral Stimulation Teens Masturbation Penis Vagina Bestiality Tits” <– just to make it exciting. I am making no judgements on any visitor’s proclivities. I am monitoring traffic. Let’s see what happens. Intelligent replies gratefully accepted. *Replies to THIS topic involving Led Zeppelin will be deleted. If you must comment on the Rockers, please use the original link above to reply.

** Pun intended.

For the record, no discernible change in traffic was reported as a result of this post (9-5-05 addendum)

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