Satellite Items

Okay, just a brief note. I’ve had DirecTV for many years and I still really like it despite some arcane rules on what they can and can’t broadcast to a specific neighborhood*. I still think it’s fantastic and can’t imagine why anyone would ever get cable. Cable sucks. I had cable for years and I was never happy. Now I’m happy with TV. I just wanted to share.

So speaking of the same topic, I always had said I would never, ever pay for radio. After all, why pay for what’s free? (Some of you may have heard this story). I got a new car awhile back and it came with XM Radio pre-installed. No big deal, except I got 3 months of free service. After a few weeks, I figured I’d try it — what the hell, right? Nefarious bastards got me hooked. I subscribed and paid the whole year up front. I listen to stations in the 40s on the dial.

There is no point to this post but I just wanted to share. Yay.

*Telecommunications Act of 1991

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